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This is the 3rd set of Cool Feelins - 3rd oldest.

    February 18, 2003 12:45 p.m.

  1. When you drop your playstation2 and it stops working…that’s a cool feeling.

  2. When you’re on a road trip in the middle of no where and you have to pee…that’s a cool feeling.

  3. When you keep forgetting to get gas and your car stops right in the middle of the freeway…that’s a cool feeling.

  4. When you’re car overheats in the middle of the freeway and it shuts off…that’s a cool feeling.

  5. When you’re putting gas in your car and you turn it off but the gas still keeps pouring out…that’s a cool feeling.

  6. When you’re backing out of the driveway and you fall in a ditch…that’s a cool feeling.

  7. When you’re late for work and you run out to your car and notice that you have a flat tire…that’s a cool feeling. [And your boss thinks, oh how conveniently.]

  8. When you start a car accident on the freeway because you were messing w/your radio or cellphone…that’s a cool feeling.

  9. When you pee in a hurry and you’re on your way out so your keys fall in the toilet…that’s a cool feeling.

  10. When you pee in a hurry and you’re on your way out so your cell phone falls in the toilet…that’s a cool feeling.

    February 20, 2003 12:02 p.m.

  11. When you wake up and you notice you have 30 min to get to work...that's a cool feeling.

  12. When you drive out of town and forget your luggage that has all your undies...that's a cool feeling.

  13. When you drive to the airport and get there and realize you don't have your fare ticket with you...that's a cool feeling.

  14. When you drive out of the country but forget to bring you passport...that's a cool feeling.

  15. When you're driving and the cop pulls you over and you realize you forgot left you license in your other purse...that's a cool feeling.

  16. When you buy a brand new cell phone and go clubbin at night and you put it down somewhere and leave without it...that's a cool feeling.

  17. When you take a sick day at work but your actually going to have fun and your bosses boss finds you at the store...that's a cool feeling.

  18. When you speeding with another car and a cop turns on the siren but it seems he's gonna go after the other guy then he stops you...that's a cool feeling.

  19. When you get really drunk and wake up next to a person you never seen before...that's a cool feeling.

  20. When you try to act all bad then you trip and fall...that's a cool feeling.

  21. When you find your parents in the living room "getting jiggy" w/it...that's a cool feeling.

    March 4, 2003 12:36 p.m.

  22. When you’re thirsty but you accidentally drink from the cup that’s not yours and it was medicine…that’s a cool feeling.

  23. When you’re eat something hot and so you run around trying to get water to stop the burning and you realize you don’t have any water…that’s a cool feeling.

  24. When you get out the bathroom wet and so you skid on the floor and fall on your butt…that’s a cool feeling.

  25. When the boss catches you scratching your ass…that’s a cool feeling.

  26. When you’ve been on the internet all day and your boss comes to see how you’re doing on the project he gave you…that’s a cool feeling.

  27. When it slips out that someone’s getting fired and the one getting fired was behind you…that’s a cool feeling.

  28. When you don’t have anything to wear to work cuz you were lazy and didn’t wash clothes…that’s a cool feeling.

  29. When you’re wearing a tight shirt and your boob pops out to peek…that’s a cool feeling.

  30. When your wearing a tube top and you’re carrying a baby and he pulls it down, causing you to be exposed to everyone…that’s a cool feeling.

  31. When someone comes out the rest room with toilet paper hanging from their ass…that’s a cool feeling.

  32. When someone comes out the restroom with toilet paper stuck on their shoe…that’s a cool feeling.

  33. When you’re at a party and you sit down and don’t notice someone left gum on the seat so you’re walking around with gum on your ass…that’s a cool feeling.

    March 11, 2003 01:48 p.m.

  34. When you sneeze and a huge booger comes out…that's a cool feeling.

  35. When you washing your face and soap goes inside your eye so you reach out for a towel but someone took it away…that’s a cool feeling…that's a cool feeling.

  36. When you’re at the store and your little kid pees on himself…that's a cool feeling.

  37. When you’re getting ready but you just can’t seem to find your keys so you destroy everything trying to find them…that's a cool feeling.

  38. When you laugh so much and you fart in front of everyone…that's a cool feeling.

  39. When you fall and break your glasses so you can’t see anything and you have to drive home…that's a cool feeling.

  40. When you’re putting your contacts on but it falls down and you can’t find it cuz you’re fucken blind see…that's a cool feeling.

  41. When you’re at a party and someone has the same dress you’re wearing…that's a cool feeling.

  42. When you plan to lie to your boss about being sick and then you actually do get sick…that's a cool feeling.

  43. When you take a picture and it’s a lovely scene but your darn finger gets in front of the camera…that's a cool feeling.

  44. When you walk in on someone masturbating…that's a cool feeling.

  45. When someone feels on you at work…that's a cool feeling.

  46. When you’re a security and you find someone doing it inside the company…that's a cool feeling.

  47. When you catch someone trying to steal your car…that's a cool feeling.

  48. When you write a long entry and the server messes up so it deletes it...that's a cool feeling.

  49. When you change your layout and then it mysteriously goes back to how it was before...that's a cool feeling.

    March 14, 2003 12:18 p.m.

  50. When you at church and a cuss word slips out…that’s a cool feeling.

  51. When you just get out of church and as soon as you get out you start being a bad boy/girl…that’s a cool feeling.

  52. When you have not stepped into a church for more than five years…that’s a cool feeling.

  53. When you go to confess and you say the last time you confessed was like 10 years ago…that’s a cool feeling.

  54. When you forget your cell phone at home and you have an emergency…that’s a cool feeling.

  55. When you have company over and you have one of your panties laying on the floor so yall look at each other uneasy…that’s a cool feeling.

  56. When you have an unbearable wedgie and you can’t pull it out…that’s a cool feeling.

  57. When you say to someone excuse me ma’am and it turns out it’s a guy... that’s a cool feeling.

  58. When you say excuse me sir and it turns out to be a girl…that’s a cool feeling.

  59. When you fall asleep during your lunch break and you snore…that’s a cool feeling.

  60. When you are just starting to get a good sleep, then your alarms goes off…that’s a cool feeling.

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