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This is the 2nd set of Cool Feelins - second oldest.

    Thursday, Jan. 23, 2003 12:15 p.m.

  1. When you're paying with credit at a store and you hand them you're kroger's card to pay...that's a cool feeling.

  2. When you're running to catch the bus and the busdriver just passes you, stares and keeps on going...that's a cool feeling.

  3. When you spend an insane amount of money on your shoes, then the dog chews them up...that's a cool feeling.

  4. When the boy you used to have a crush on in high school is now your pizza delivery boy...that's a cool feeling.

  5. When someone asks you what's wrong? and they're the one that made you feel bad...that's a cool feeling.

    Courtesy of smartepants :

  6. When you're playing with a sparkler and smoking a cigarette at the same time, and you mindlessly go to take a drag from the sparkler…that's a cool feeling.

  7. When you get out of the shower and realize there are no towels anywhere nearby to dry off with, nor to cover with to make an escape to your bedroom…that’s a cool feeling.

  8. When you take a nap after work and wake up at 8pm and think it's 8am the next morning, and you flip out because you think you’re late for work and then you realize what's going on…that's a cool feeling.

  9. When the one and only time you go to a web site that has anything relating to sex while at work and your boss walks right up to you, so you struggle to minimize or close the window and your browser conveniently decides to freeze…that’s a cool feeling.

  10. When you write an email about someone that has some nasty things written in it, and then you send it and afterwards realize you sent it to the person you were trashing by *accident*…that's a cool feeling.

    Friday, Jan. 24, 2003 8:17 a.m.

  11. When someone from your high school calls you by your name and you can’t remember their name…that’s a cool feeling.

  12. When you’re trying to sneak out the house and you bump into something and make a really loud noise so you have to run back and hide…that’s a cool feeling.

  13. When you try to sneak into a meeting so no one sees you and you fall flat on your face…that’s a cool feeling.

  14. When you try to sneak into a meeting so no one sees you and the door slams hard, behind you...that's a cool feeling.

  15. When you drive to the store and you’re in a hurry and you lock the car leaving the keys inside…that’s a cool feeling.

  16. When you try to turn your car off and the key comes out of the ignition but the car’s still on…that’s a cool feeling.

  17. When you drive into the garage and you accidentally step on the gas instead of the brake and crash against the wall…that’s a cool feeling.


    January 27, 2002 9:12 a.m.

  18. When you're in the shower and the phone rings and rings so you run out and it stops ringing...that's a cool feeling.

  19. When you're in class not paying attention and she calls on you...that's a cool feeling.

  20. When you're on a day off at home just resting, then someone who you don't like comes to visit...that's a cool feeling.

  21. When your cell rings and you run from room to room to get it and finally you stop cuz you realize its in your back pocket...that's a cool feeling.

  22. When you go to sleep and wake up with drool on your chin...that's a cool feeling.

  23. When you bend down to pick something up and you fart...that's a cool feeling.

  24. When you're at the movies and you forget to turn you cell to vibrate and it rings...that's a cool feeling.

  25. When someone walks in while you're having sex...that's a cool feeling.

  26. When you walk in one someone having sex...that's a cool feeling.

    January 28, 2002 12:58 p.m.

  27. When you order a burger without onions and then you get home and you see they put onions...that's a cool feeling.

    February 14, 2003 09:49 a.m.

  28. When you go put off going to the store and you decide to go right on Valentine’s Day so you find nothing but the junk no one wants…that’s a cool feeling.

  29. When you bring all your co-workers cards but then you realize you misplaced someone’s and it’s the person who knows you’re not too fond of them…that’s a cool feeling.

  30. When someone comes in with a dozen roses and they say hi [your name] and you get all excited because you think they’re for you, and then they just ask you if you know who this person is…that’s a cool feeling.

  31. When you buy all your Valentine’s stuff and decorated really pretty but then when you get home you find your cat/dog chewed up everything…that’s a cool feeling.

  32. When you decide to openly admit you’re in love with someone so you send them a love letter and then they give it back cuz they say they already have someone…that’s a cool feeling.

  33. When they dump you on Valentine’s Day…that’s a cool feeling.

  34. When you get dumped at the alter and on Valentine’s Day…that’s a cool feeling.

  35. When you receive flowers so you call your love and tell them thank you so much for the flowers and they reply what? I didn't send you any flowers...that's a cool feeling.

  36. When someone gives you a candy for Valentine's and you take a bite out of it and its all rotten inside...that's a cool feeling. [eww!]

  37. When someone sends you a secret Valentine and you guess the wrong person so you look stupid...that's a cool feeling.

  38. When you're thinking about your past valentine's days w/your ex and your new bf/gf calls you so you say Happy Valentine's [ex's name]...that's a cool feeling.

    February 16, 2003 12:01 p.m.

  39. When you're at the store looking around and you turn quickly without noticing the porcelain ornaments in back of you so you drop a couple...that's a cool feeling.

  40. When your kid drops the box of eggs in the grocery store...that's a cool feeling.

  41. When you forget your anniversary and your wife/husband brings you a gift and you have nothing in return...that's a cool feeling.

  42. When you drive up to the stoplight and a homeless man asks you for change and you're driving a badass car but you say, sorry I don't have any...that's a cool feeling.

  43. When a homeless man follows you around for change but you keep telling him you don't have anything...that's a cool feeling.

  44. When you decide to cook for your gf/bf a special dinner but it comes out all wrong and gets burned...that's a cool feeling.

  45. When you're cooking and you read the directions wrong so you put too much of something and it tastes yucky in the end...that's a cool feeling.

  46. Stepping in dog/cat shit...that's a cool feeling.

  47. When you fart and everyone around you is wondering what's that smell so you blame it on the dog or something...that's a cool feeling.

  48. When you stepped on dog shit and you don't notice and you walk inside a fancy restaurant and everyone's wondering what's that smell...that's a cool feeling.

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