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This is the 4th set of Cool Feelins...the newest section.

    March 27, 2003 12:18 p.m.

  1. When you bid on ebay and you lose by a couple of seconds…that’s a cool feeling.

  2. When you have a really good sexual dream and then you wake up…that’s a cool feeling.

  3. When you lock yourself outside of your house…that’s a cool feeling.

  4. When you think its Friday and then you realize its Thursday…that’s a cool feeling.

  5. When you’re in line to buy something to eat and then you realize you left your money at home…that’s a cool feeling.

  6. When you’re numbers won the lottery but you can’t find the ticket…that’s a cool feeling.

  7. When someone you know finds your journal…that’s a cool feeling.

  8. When you’re underwear goes up your ass…that’s a cool feeling.

  9. When you’re eyeliner runs and you don’t notice…that’s a cool feeling.

  10. When you’re milk goes up your nose cause you cough and choke…that’s a cool feeling.

  11. When you choke so someone has to do the heimlich maneuver on you…that’s a cool feeling.

  12. When your son eats a cockroach and all you hear is the crunching…that’s a cool feeling.

  13. When you get shocked by the door and you keep getting shocked every time you open it…that’s a cool feeling.

  14. When you see something that you never thought you’d see again…that’s a cool feeling.

  15. When you bite something hard and then you realize its a piece of your tooth that cracked…that’s a cool feeling.

  16. When you step on the gas on your car but it won’t go so you step on it really hard and it gets stuck and you can’t pull it out so you panic…that’s a cool feeling.

  17. When you go through the drive-through and you drive off without paying but you take the food w/you…that’s a cool feeling.

    April 7, 2003 10:04 a.m.

  18. When you haven’t shaved for months so when you actually do shave and the razor won’t go through the bushes of hair…that’s a cool feeling.

  19. When you shave and you end up with all these little cuts everywhere…that’s a cool feeling.

  20. When you move the razor wrong and you slice through your skin…that’s a cool feeling.

  21. When it rains and your hair gets soaked and you end up having a bad hair day on the day of your interview…that’s a cool feeling..

  22. When you dream of something sexual and you wake up humping your pillow…that’s a cool feeling.

  23. When you forget you checked out a book and you turn it in 3 months overdue…that’s a cool feeling.

  24. When you finally meet someone you have a crush on but you get speechless…that’s a cool feeling.

  25. When you drinking in a hurry so it runs down to your blouse…that’s a cool feeling.

  26. When you’re playing wrestle with your partner and you actually hurt yourself…that’s a cool feeling.

  27. When you leave your vibrator out and someone sees it…that’s a cool feeling.

  28. When your vibrator runs out of battery and you’re horny…that’s a cool feeling.

  29. When you have to swipe your badge to get through the stairs and you get stuck in the stairs cuz your forget your badge…that’s a cool feeling.

  30. When your bra rips at work…that’s a cool feeling.

  31. When any part of your clothing rips at work…that’s a cool feeling.

  32. When they make you pee in them little plastic cups and you pee wrong so it all falls out and they make you do it again…that’s a cool feeling.

    April 14, 2003 11:10 a.m.

  33. When you’re driving and a bunch of birds are on the street and you keep going cuz u think they’re gonna move and they don’t so u run over some…that’s a cool feeling.

  34. When you’re driving and then u drive over a dog and all you hear is arrf woof aarrff under the car as he’s tumbling through…that’s a cool feeling.

  35. When you look at someone’s drawing and you ask the artist when will it be finished and they go its already finished…that’s a cool feeling.

  36. When you step on a cat’s tail and he turns quickly and takes a swipe at you’re leg…that’s a cool feeling.

  37. When you step on a cat’s tail and so he pounces on your shoe and starts biting you…that’s a cool feeling.

  38. When you’re trying to log in you’re password at work and you can’t remember it and you just changed it like a couple of minutes ago…that’s a cool feeling.

  39. When you buy a loaf of bread and you’re gonna make a sandwich and then you see the bread’s spoiled…that’s a cool feeling.

  40. When you’re making a sandwich and then you realize you have no lettuce nor mayonnaise…that’s a cool feeling.

  41. When you’re dancing and singing and think no one’s watching and then someone comes out from hiding the whole time…that’s a cool feeling.

  42. When you fall asleep at work and you drooled on your computer…that’s a cool feeling.

  43. When you have a new outfit on and your dog jumps on you...that’s a cool feeling.

  44. When you’re shredding papers and you accidentally shred your bill or other important papers…that’s a cool feeling.

  45. When you get really mad at someone for misplacing your stuff, then you realize that you yourself put it somewhere else…that’s a cool feeling.

  46. When you go to the store and forget to buy what you went there for in the first place...that’s a cool feeling.

  47. When you can't find the beginning of a new role of toilet paper…that’s a cool feeling.

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