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This is the first 50 set of Cool Feelins. The oldest section.

  1. When you read someone's diary and you think its a girl. Turns out its a guy....thats a cool feeling.

  2. When you criticize someone's artwork then it turns out the person you're telling is the one who drew it...thats a cool feeling.

  3. When you stop on the road to pick up a stray dog, then as you walk towards it someone runs over it...thats a cool feeling.

  4. When you get all pissed off cuz you cant find you're glasses and it turns out they're on top of you head...thats a cool feeling.

  5. When you at the store and you're paying with debit and the machine says you have insufficient funds and everyone's staring at you...thats a cool feeling.

  6. When you're a girl and you're cheating on your husband with another girl and he catches you in bed with the girl...thats a cool feeling.

  7. When you wake up and get ready for work and get to work, then all of a sudden you actually do wake up...thats a cool feeling.

    Wednesday, Dec. 8, 2003 9:10 a.m.

  8. When you throw all the papers on your desk in the trash then your boss comes and asks for the papers back...that’s a cool feeling.

  9. When you pull someone over for speeding and then realize you forgot your ticket book...that’s a cool feeling.

  10. When someone who’s obviously drunk passes the sobriety test...that’s a cool feeling.

  11. When you go under the covers at night to eat your wife out cuz u’re in trouble and then it turns out, its your mother...that’s a cool feeling. *from No1sgirl hehe

    *These things happened to my co-workers.

  12. When you get into a car that looks exactly like yours and try to start it and then come back with the security guard cuz u think u’re battery is dead, then you realize its not u’re car...that’s a cool feeling.

  13. When you clean out your old purse and put your stuff in your new purse and in the morning you get confused and end up going to work with 2 purses...that’s a cool feeling.

  14. When you’re talking to someone and they keep turning the other way, then you realize your pants are unzipped...that’s a cool feeling.

  15. When you’re having a "buffet" of snacks on your desk and you’re boss comes to talk to you about something important...that’s a cool feeling.

    December 9, 2002 10:00 a.m.

  16. When you work hard on a long report, then your computer freezes…that’s a cool feeling.

  17. When you call for help for your computer, then it "fixes itself" right before help arrives...that’s a cool feeling.

  18. When you come back from the weekend to work and you forget all your passwords…that’s a cool feeling.

  19. When you’re out with your lover and you accidentally dial your cell to you’re husband while your telling her that you’re gonna dump him and leave with her…that’s a cool feeling.

  20. When you answer your work phone like if you’re at home and its your boss calling…that’s a cool feeling.

  21. When you answer you’re cell phone like if you’re at work…that’s a cool feeling.

  22. When someone waves at you, then it turns out, they were waving at the person behind you… that’s a cool feeling.

    December 10, 2002 12:20 p.m.

  23. When you're talking on the phone and it disconnects and you don't realize it...thats a cool feeling

  24. When you put clothes in the washer but you forget to turn it on...thats a cool feeling.

  25. When someone cheats off of the you and they get a higher grade than you...thats a cool feeling.

  26. When you announce the winner and you read the paper wrong and they come to get the award and then it turns out it's not for them...thats a cool feeling.

  27. When you get on the toll road and then get to the paytoll and can't find any change...thats a cool feeling.

  28. When you let someone cut in front of you and they win the 100th customer prize...thats a cool feeling.

  29. When you go out on a date and you forget to rip off the tags off your dress...thats a cool feeling.

  30. When the lights are out and you have to dress in the dark and arrive to work with your pants inside out...thats a cool feeling.

  31. When you wake up and get ready for work and just as you're leaving you see that your clock is one hour ahead...thats a cool feeling.

    December 14, 2002 02:38 p.m.

  32. When someone is winking at you so you get all excited, but it turns out they had something in their eye…that’s a cool feeling.

  33. When you go to work on a weekend to catch up on your work and then realize you forgot your badge so you can't get in…that’s a cool feeling.

  34. When you plan something special for your date night w/your hubby and then that day your monthly fairy comes…that’s a cool feeling.

  35. When you’re horny and so you run to take a quick shower but by the time you come to bed your hubby is sleeping…that’s a cool feeling.

  36. When you and the hub are trying to get it on and then one of you passes out while this happens…that’s a cool feeling.

  37. When you buy a new car and you stop at the store and when you come out there is a key scratch from the front of the car to the back…that’s a cool feeling.

  38. When you blow your nose and then walk over to your date and they look away because there’s a HUGE booger sticking out of your nose…that’s a cool feeling.

  39. When you ask someone “When’s the baby due,” and it turns out they’re not pregnant…that’s a cool feeling.

    December 15, 2002 10:02 a.m.

  40. When your dog tracks muddy paw prints on your clean floor...that's a cool feeling.

  41. When you forget your car windows are rolled down and it rains…that's a cool feeling.

  42. When you wash your car and the next day it rains... that's a cool feeling.

  43. When you dress up to go out and the baby vomits on you…that’s a cool feeling.

  44. When you rake the leaves and step on poop…that’s a cool feeling.

  45. When you put something in the company fridge and someone steals it…that’s a cool feeling.

  46. When you’re walking by your bosses desk and you trip and fall…that’s a cool feeling.

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