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Designer I'm Lily a 21 yr old student who creates these designs when ever she has time. So you might not find a constant flow of layouts here. Use the comments/suggestions form or email to get in touch with me.


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They may not be much but even so, please do not steal them or not give me credit. As anyone else would, I like to be appreciated for my work and for my time and effort. My link must stay in tact and if I refer to other places for finding images, those should stay in tact as well. You may edit the layout but you must still link me. No incognito links.

If you do use a layout please leave me a comment :) I like to see which kind of layouts are more frequently used and which styles are preferred. If you do not agree then goodbye, otherwise, thanks for coming! Enjoy ;)


The screen shot images on this site are available for a preview of the layout/template. It's costing my website space so I would be very grateful if you would please save the image on your computer and upload it to your own web space so that I won't get cheated from my bandwidth.

I will have a link to the picture and all you have to do is right click on it and save target into your computer. Afterwards you can go to angelfire and start an account there just to get some web space for your images. Beth mentioned Village Photos. She said it's free also and she hasn't had any problems with them. Other available free web space sites include angelfire [which I used before], tripod, geocities, Free Servers, The Free Site,

Of course, donations are not required. I'm adding a donations section because after all, it's you guys who, I hope, are enjoying my designs.

All graphics & words since 2003. Please link and do not steal. Thank you Diaryland.