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Cool Feelins

Note on 4/14/03: The section has been getting too long so I decided to cut it down into 4 sections of 50 Cool Feelins. With the newest section on the top [4th] and the oldest on the bottom.

Note on 2/14/03: I've been feeling down so I decided to bring back my Cool Feelings section.

First Note: Started since 12/7/02 at 12:28pm.

This is a place for times when things that happen that may seem awful, funny, or crazy and it causes you to have a cool feeling....or in other words, something that you might not like when it happens but later on, you'll look back and laugh at it...

4th set of Cool Feelins

3rd set of Cool Feelins

2nd set of Cool Feelins

1st set of Cool Feelins

PS: Some may have been gotten from radio and some I created. [But mostly I made them.]

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